2016 to 2020 Strategic Aims

  1. To ensure ‘Every student, all the time’ achieves exceptional academic performance across every Academy.
  • KS4 Academy Performance to be recognised as Outstanding with;
    • All School Performance to be in the top 10% of schools nationally for progress.
    • The elimination of any disparity of performance between student groups based upon;
      • Gender
      • Disadvantage
      • Ethnicity
      • SEN
    • our Most Able students achieve outstanding outcomes
  • Sixth forms Academic Performance to be recognised as Outstanding with;
    • post-16 outcomes at least in the top 25% of sixth forms nationally, with most in the top 10%
    • disparities in performance eliminated
    • the most able achieve outstanding outcomes
    • there is excellent progression to both university (including those in the Russell Group) and high quality careers options.
  • All Academies to be judged at least ‘Good’ by Ofsted, with most recognised as Outstanding.
  1. To ensure high quality Leadership and Governance at Trust board, LGB and Academy level.

Ensuring Outstanding Governance at every level through;

  • effective recruitment of exceptional Directors and local Governors able to progress the Trusts ambitions
  • clearly defined Roles and Responsibilities at LGB level
  • high quality governance training programmes
  • an accurate and robust self-evaluation process across all aspects of the Trust
  • effective Risk Management
  • regular and robust Policy and procedure review and management
  • successful Finance management and accurate audit control systems
  1. To provide high quality and value for money Trust Services that support all Academies in their pursuit of excellence.

Building The Exceptional Education Trust Academy Services Division (ASD) that provides value for money services to all Trust Academies. To the preparation of key areas including;

    • Human Resources
    • Health and Safety Oversite
    • ICT
    • Pension/Payroll
    • Premises and resources
    • Student Services (EWO, Counselling etc) 
  1. To establish school Improvement systems and build the structures that lead to sustainable and successful schools.

Ensuring outstanding performance across every Academy within the Trust through the;

  • development of EEA as School Improvement organisation
  • capture and articulation of a robust and effective school improvement approach and intervention mechanisms
  • creation of sustainable schools (school enlargement)
  • identification and development of leaders
  1. The Trust to expand to at least five Academies within 5 years.
  • Developing an attractive, successful and sustainable Trust model that delivers exceptional education to the each institutions community driven by Educational Entrepreneurs
  • Securing and development of Primary School improvement expertise.
  • The development of effective Due Diligence processes to ensure smooth incorporation of new Schools within the Trust. There to include;
    • Governance
    • Financial
    • HR Personnel
    • Leadership and Management
    • Educational
    • Building / resources
    • Liability

Please click below to download a more detailed version of our Strategic Business Plan in PDF format.

Strategic Business Plan