2021 to 2024 Strategic Aims

The Exceptional Education Trust believes long term sustainable success happens when there is;

    • Clear purpose to action built around the pursuit of excellence.
    • Appropriate autonomy, delegated to school leaders in a framework of accountability and challenge.
    • A focus on developing, capturing and mastering skills and expertise is a core activity.

Central to the ethos within the Trust is that ownership and accountability for success must rest at the point of action. In every Academy within the Trust, you will see Principals as “Educational Entrepreneurs” – Developing, modelling and delivering practice in their schools that can change the educational experience at a local, national and internal level as part of their continuing pursuit of excellence. The Exceptional Education Trust remains committed to ensuring each partner school within the Trust;

    • is a local school with their own individual identity.
    • works with other schools within the Trust to share best practice.
    • is able to create economies of scale as part of the Trust to ensure sustainable outstanding performance.

Our Vision is to be recognised as a world class leader in education, ensuring every child is ready to take up the challenges and realise the opportunities of the 21st century.

Our Vision will be realised through the delivery of five key aims articulated as commitments to the local community;

    • To develop outstanding leaders across the school. We are committed to developing outstanding leaders through the establishment of a centre of excellence, ensuring all students have the skills required to develop into young men and women who are ready to take up the challenges and realise the opportunities of the 21st century and impact positively on every aspect of society, whether locally, nationally or internationally.
    • To guide our students to achieve exceptional academic performance across all subjects, we are committed to developing every students skills and knowledge. This is so we can ensure exceptional academic performance for all and enable students to access the most ambitious career paths as well as gain access to the best universities nationally and internationally.
    • To provide an Outstanding Learning Experience for every student. We are committed to providing each student with a high quality personalised learning experience. We achieve this through exceptional teaching and an outstanding curriculum. “Every child, All the Time” drives our belief that every child is able to achieve the extraordinary relative to their own personal abilities. “Every Child, All the Time” is an approach to student progress where every day, in every lesson, every student will be receiving the best possible learning experiences. It recognises the need to respond to students’ emotional needs as well as learning needs throughout their educational journey, appreciating that these needs are different for every child and can change at different stages of this journey.
    • To ensure every student has access to high quality enrichment activities. We are committed to ensuring every student has access to exceptional experiences and activities including high quality coaching so they aspire to participate, compete and succeed at a local, national and international level.
    • To be the school of choice for the local community. We are committed to providing a school that meets the needs of every child, develops citizens committed to British values of democracy, tolerance, respect and the rule of law as well as developing safe, happy and caring learning environments where students want to be.

Central to realising The Exceptional Education Trust’s aims are the need for active engagement of all members with a culture of achievement built upon authentic and effective collaboration and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Beliefs that are championed within the Trust;

    • Responsibility for performance sits with each school
    • The success of the Exceptional Education Trust is its impact on students in both their day to day experiences and outcomes.
    • There is a clear expectation that “excellence” will be achieved in every school.

Values that are supported within the Trust;

    • Moral commitment to the development of other staff and other schools.
    • Meritocracy based upon credible and transparent information.
    • Integrity and Truthfulness.
    • Trust and Transparency.

Deal Breakers and Blockers that are challenged within the Trust;

    • Trust and School Leadership that does not challenge/hold to account poor performance
    • Lack of Openness
    • Non-involvement – you will only get out what you put in
    • Do as I say, not as I do

The key educational improvement role of The Exceptional Education Trust is to provide;

    • Quality, robust and trusted challenge to schools.
    • Access to outstanding knowledge, expertise and skills able to support each Academy to realise their school improvement aims.
    • An environment where a culture of achievement, authentic collaboration and the pursuit of excellence thrive.

Further The Exceptional Education Trust believes;

    • Effective leadership is at the core of change and suitable success as schools are autonomous institutions responsible for their own improvement.
    • Sustainable school improvement will only occur through effective leadership built around personal responsibility for outcomes at every level
    • Excellence in the classroom is vital for sustainable success, therefore the development of outstanding teachers through outstanding training programmes is key to improving school outcomes.
    • Success must be clearly defined, tracked and shared. Information systems that define success and allow underperformance to be challenged are central to realising outstanding outcomes. Individual school academic success is not only based upon the performance of the school community as a whole, but on the performance of every group, no matter how small, that make up that community. The elimination of disparity in performance between student groups based upon gender, individual disadvantage, ethnicity or SEN need is now a political as well as moral imperative for each school, whether a governor, school leader, teacher or teaching assistant. Every child must have the best possible chance to succeed.
    • Our key resource are our staff, look after them. The day to day experience of our student is significantly defined by the staff they interact with. We must attract, retain and develop our staff. Creating an environment where staff are proud of their students and their school is crucial . Leaders must ensure all challenge is matched with appropriate support, the taking of personal responsibility precedes being held accountable and where good faith and trust underscores all decisions and activities.


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