Legal Documents

The Exceptional Education Trust is an exempt charity and formally constituted as a Limited Company; this means we operate like any other charity but as an Academy Trust (or MAT) we are regulated by the Secretary of State for Education.

The main documents that set out how we operate are our Articles of Association, which set out internal structure, and the Master Funding Agreement (MFA), which is the legal contract with the Secretary of State under which we run the school. In addition, there are separate Supplemental Funding Agreements (SFAs) for each individual school.

We are bound by the provisions of the Department for Education’s Academies Financial Handbook, and are required to comply with company, charity and education law.

Articles Association 

Master Funding Agreement

Supplementary Funding Agreement – Norlington School and 6th Form

The Trust is a member of the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) administered by the DFE

If you are required to utilise the Claims Portal to submit a personal injury claim against us for either an employers or public liability matter then details of the correct portal ID and Compensator can be found at