Values and Ethos

The Exceptional Education Trust believes long term sustainable success happens when there is;

  • Clear purpose to action built around the pursuit of excellence
  • Appropriate autonomy, is delegated to school leaders in a framework of accountability and challenge
  • A focus on developing, capturing and mastering skills and expertise is a core activity

Central to the ethos within the Trust is that ownership and accountability for success must rest at point of action. In every Academy within the Trust you will see Principals as Educational Entrepreneurs – developing, modelling and delivering practice in their schools that can change the educational experience at a local, national and internally level as part of their continuing pursuit of excellence

The Exceptional Education Trust remains committed to ensuring each partner school within the Trust is;

  • a local school with their own identity
  • work with other schools within the trust to share best practice
  • able to create economies of scale as part of the trust to ensure sustainable outstanding performance

Each School to operate within a framework that promotes individual ownership, entrepreneurship and autonomy; with its own local Governing Body who have been delegated appropriate powers and responsibilities based upon experience and success.

The Exceptional Education Trust aims to grow to at least 5 schools by 2019 made up of both convertor academies and Sponsored academies.